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GP Reel Series
Series Overview

Our Large-Arbor, Disc-Drag GP Line of Fly Reels has all the Functionality of our GPX Series of Reels. You still get Fast Line Pick-Up with a Butter-Smooth Drag, but with notable Cost Savings. Albright does this by Die-Casting the Aluminum Reel then Powder-Coating the Rust-Resistant Finish. The result is a Full-Performance Fly Reel and an Extra $100 in Your Pocket. Whether you’re Chasing Small Trout in Tight Quarters or Booming out Long Casts with a Two-Hander looking for Steelhead, you can have it All. If you want to dress things up a bit, choose our Silver Spool on Black Frame Option (In Closeout). It really Looks Great!


GP Fly Reels Black
6.2 oz.