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GPX Reel Series
Series Overview

Albright’s Top-Tier Fly Fishing Reel is ready for Any Fishing Situation. Machined from Bar-Stock Aluminum, then Type-3 Anodized for the Ultimate in Protection from the Elements, our GPX Fly Reels Will Last a LIFETIME. The Spool’s Large Arbor means less Line Memory and Fast Line Pickup on Charging Fish. The Easily Adjustable, Butter-Smooth Rulon Disc-Drag can protect the Lightest Tippet and still slowdown those Salty Bruisers. The Easily Removable Spool allows for Rapid Line Changes as Fishing Conditions Vary… No Tools Needed! This Reel can cover All Your Needs in the Salt.

Note: GP Fly Spools Integrate with our GPX Reels. If you’re a Line Lover and want to Save Money on Spools, you might consider this option.


GPX Fly Reels