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There are some things you can never get enough of and the A-5 NS is just that kind product. It continues to be the most popular all around Trout Rod on the Market and even gets some high remarks when doing some small mouth fishing with the 7wt. This award winning series has been around for all of our 7 years and continues to surpass all expectations. Each of our 5pc fly rod offers high line-speed performance, convenience while traveling and a finish that rivals the high dollar fly rods of the world.

Our GPX series of fly rods represents our broadest offering of rod models now only available in 4pc for both convenience and performance. We have added a 7/8wt and a 10/11wt to the offering and converted any of the existing 2pc models into 4pc. Whether fishing brush-lined trout streams, to Baja battles we've got a rod that's just right for you. Each rod is crafted from IM7 graphite and uses and added scrim for added strength and a long life on the water. Hard Alloy stripping guides

The all new EXR Fresh Water Rods is the most evolved rod that has ever been made by Albright. Taking the EXS Rod to the next level took about 15 months of testing and multiple iterations to get the desired performance and action from this new Series. Initially we will only offer this Rod in 2 models a 9'5wt 4pc and a 9'8wt 4pc so we can get them into select Anglers hands, for additional comments at this time.

Hard to improve upon what might be the best all-around rod on the market when you are targeting anything that requires a 67wt and above, whether you’re fishing in Fresh Water or in the Salt the XXT is the perfect blend of power and speed. Working with Lou Tabory a legend in the Fly Fishing Community to achieve this perfect Rod was a true collaboration and something we are very proud of here at Albright. This collaboration of angling minds brought to life an amazing series of great casting, great fishing

There are some things you can never get enough of and this Limited Edition A-5 NS LE 590-5 is just that kind of product. With Only 100 being made in this new color scheme this is the MOST popular rod on the Market today and it comes with a custom outfit case. Whether you’re chasing small trout in brush-lined creeks or stalking the big rivers out West this is the rod for you. ...


Evolved from our most popular and Award winning EXS Series we have redefined the art of Fly Rods with the new EXT Big Game Series. Starting with just the 8wt allows for Angler input if any modifications are needed and the rest of the assortment will be available spring 2012. Pushing the envelope of performance we have designed a radical new Taper that uses a mixture of 36 and 40 ton...